Some new photos have recently emerged of BMW’s newest WEC (World Endurance Championship) racer, the BMW M8 GTE. Based on the upcoming BMW M8, the M8 GTE will be the latest in a long line of very cool BMW WEC cars. Though, the average BMW fan isn’t really too interested in this sort of thing, as they’re more interested in cars they can actually buy. However, this is still big news because it gives us another glimpse at what the BMW 8 Series and M8 could look like. So what can we learn about the upcoming BMW 8 Series from the M8 GTE?

Firstly, it’s long. That’s a big car with a long wheelbase and long body. There’s a lot of nose ahead of the driver, giving it classic GT car proportions. We don’t have exact specifications but just from the eye-test, this new M8 GTE looks bigger than the previous M6 GTLM. Obviously, don’t take the massive wheel arches, gigantic grilles and huge wing seriously, as those will only be on the M8 GTE and not the production car.

The next thing we notice is its profile. Take a look at its roofline and the way it sweeps back toward the C-pillar. It’s really quite pretty and looks both sporty and elegant. You can see the makings of a very good looking road car there. Also, the way the belt line makes its way upward toward the C-pillar and how the Hofmeister Kink sits. It looks very good and we can imagine what the road car will look like.

Also, despite the massive wheel arches and exaggerated nose on the M8 GTE, we can see that the nose of the 8 Series plunges quite low which not only gives it a more classic sports car look but it will allows the driver a better view over the scuttle. If those Kidney Grille and headlight designs make it to the production car, that’s also a good thing, as they look pretty cool on this M8 GTE.

Despite this being a race car and not at all a production car, we can see the makings of a very pretty car underneath. It has all of the right GT proportions, with a short rear deck, long hood and a low and sleek profile. It looks smooth and fast, even standing still. We’re very excited to finally see the BMW 8 Series and M8 and this is just a glimpse of what’s to come.