Now that the new G01-generation BMW X3 has had its curtain pulled back, what are your feelings on it? There are many fans who feel that BMW hasn’t done enough. They feel as if it’s just a carbon copy of the old car with bigger grills and some new wheels, claiming it won’t sell. However, there are also many fans who love it. They feel as if it’s finally a big step forward and that it could be BMW’s best looking SUV and that it will sell like crazy. So which camp are you in? Or are you in the middle?

From the outside, we can tell you which camp we stand in and it’s the latter camp. We feel that this new X3 is the largest departure for the model line. Its new styling is far different from before, with much more aggressive body lines, new design language and even newly changed fundamentals, such as the Hofmeister Kink and Kidney Grilles.

There are those who find the way the shoulder line and Hofmeister Kink sweep upward toward the D-pillar too similar to the previous-gen X3. Though, that’s a signature design trait of the BMW X3 and there’s no reason for the brand to change it. In fact, if BMW changed it, it wouldn’t look like an X3 anymore. Some familial traits must remain.

On the inside, the changes are far more radical and the redesign far more noticeable. Everything is entirely new. The dash layout, seats, materials, steering wheel and iDrive — all changed. In fact, we struggle to find any real similarity between this new G01 X3 and the previous F25 X3.

Now, different isn’t always better. Many find the simply and sophisticated lines of the F25-generation car to be better looking. And that’s fair, the new one is far busier and that can turn some customers off. However, we again land in the camp that feels this new one is better. The old car was just getting too long in the tooth, with every other car in the segment looking far fresher. Now, the X3 feels properly modern and can compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class and Audi Q5.

Plus, everything under the skin is all new. This makes the new BMW X3 lighter, faster, sharper and more high-tech in every possible way. It boasts new engines, new technology and better agility than before. So objectively, it’s the better car.

But that doesn’t mean fans or customers will like it more, necessarily. Personally, we think BMW customers are going to love it. Dealers won’t be able to keep them on the lots, once the new X3 comes out. It’s sharp looking, brand-new, looks much different than before and has all new, eye-catching tech. We think it will be a big hit. But what do you think?