Since we’ve seen the leaked photos of the new BMW X3, we’ve been wondering how it will stack up against its competition. The new X3 has a bit of an advantage over the rest, as it’s currently the newest car in its class. All of its prime competitors, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, Audi Q5 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio have all been debuted already. So the X3 is the freshest car of the bunch. But does that mean it looks the best?

To find out we made some simple comparison photos of the new G01-generation BMW X3 and its main competitor, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

The Mercedes GLC is selling like crazy, here in the U.S. Small premium SUV buyers love it and it really is a great little car for buyers in the segment. It’s good to drive, comfortable, practical and, most importantly, stylish. That last bit is what really sells cars in this segment. So since we don’t have official specs or info for you on the new X3, we’re just going to compare its style with its main rival’s.

From the outside, the new BMW X3 is the more muscular car of the two. The GLC is pretty and understated but the X3 has the muscles. It’s more aggressive, with a more pronounced shoulder line and big nostrils, and it looks more rugged (though, rugged probably isn’t a good word to describe any premium crossover). Whether or not the new X3 is better looking is a matter of personal preference.

Honestly, I can’t decide which one I like more. I feel as if I like whichever one I’m currently looking at more than the other. It’s odd. They’re both so different that it really is hard to choose. I guess, if you like being understated and luxurious looking, go for the Benz and if you like to look a bit more aggressive and as if you have more of an active lifestyle, go with the Bimmer.

On the inside, that same sentiment continues. While BMW made a concerted effort to make the new X3 look and feel more premium than its predecessor, I’m not quite sure it looks as luxurious as the GLC-Class. Mercedes seems to be taking its flagship S-Class and fitting its cabin in every car wearing a three-pointed star. However, for a sports “utility” vehicle, the GLC seems a bit out of place. It’s more of a tall luxury car.

The BMW X3 actually seems to have some more utility to it, or at least the appearance of having more utility. The new X3 is much better looking than its predecessor and, to these eyes, a handsome little crossover. Is it better looking than the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class? I’m not so sure but I think it really comes down to preference, as both are so different. If you prioritize luxury over aggression, go Stuttgart, if you like muscles over smooth lines, go Munich.