Even if the current BMW 3 Series model is near the end of production, with its successor currently in the works and not more than a year away, the Bavarian premium sedan is still quite popular. At least that’s what a study performed by Auto Trader in the UK claims. The 3 Series model was the fastest selling car on the second-hand market in the Kingdom.

Data acquired by the online platform revealed that the BMW 3 Series with a petrol engine and manual transmission was the UK’s fastest selling used car in May. Furthermore, this is the first time a premium brand manages to top the used car sales charts since September 2016. Back then it was also a BMW that held the title of the nation’s fastest seller, the culprit being the 1 Series.

The study showed that the petrol-powered, manual 2016 3 Series models took an average of just 14 days to sell, with a median retail value of £19,118. As a matter of fact, diesels are apparently no longer loved in the UK, all top 10 cars in Auto Trader’s rankings being petrol-powered or a hybrid as is the case of the 2013 Prius.

“The BMW 3 Series becoming the fastest selling used car for retailers in May proves that premium models with higher price tags can leave the forecourt as quickly as average used cars by following the same retail practices,” said Karolina Edwards-Smajda, Auto Trader Retailer & Consumer Products Director.

The news is encouraging for those looking to own a 3 Series sedan and things are looking up as the new model approaches. As soon as the G20 3 Series will be launched, prices for current generation models, even with the facelift, will drop even further, turning pre-owned BMWs into proper bargains.