There are few tuning companies out there with as much experience in tuning BMWs as AC Schnitzer. The German tuner has been around seemingly forever and the products it brings out every year are certainly a testament to their pedigree. Today, they are launching a new rear muffler option for the BMW M2 which should cater to those looking for a different sound.

The sound of the BMW M2 has been a controversial topic ever since the car came out. Using an enhanced version of the standard BMW N55 engine and not a BMW M-developed unit under the hood, some claimed the performance, or the sound it delivers, might not be up to par. However, other voices are claiming that it’s still better sounding than the S55 unit powering the M3 and M4.

If you own a BMW M2 and are looking for a change of tone, AC Schnitzer’s new offering might be just right for you though. The video below showcases their latest creation, a rear muffler for the F87 M2, that’s also legal in Germany.

As many of you know, most exhaust systems or tuning kits out there aren’t necessarily legal as well and if you do encounter an overzealous officer on your daily commute, things might take a turn for the worse. That’s not the case with products offered by AC Schnitzer though, as the German tuner has enough experience to figure out a way to make its offerings both legal and tantalizing.

As for the muffler itself, we know that it’s made out of stainless steel, has flaps that open and close for different sounds, and has two tailpipes on each side.