German Autobild has recently spent some time with the BMW M2 Coupe in a closed-up room where they had the chance to observe from up-close the M Performance Parts and also to listen to the sound of the M2 M Performance Exhaust System.

Just a few days ago we also spent some time around the M2 MotoGP Safety Car which also features the very same M Performance Parts – a review on this will follow shortly.

The exhaust system is made of stainless steel – for cost reasons – and the customer will be able to choose between carbon fiber tips and titanium tips.


The tips will also be interchangeable between M3 and M4 exhaust systems. There are no power gains with an axle-back exhaust because the turbocharged engine will compensate to create the same amount of torque.

And judging by the sound of the stock M2 we drove on the track and the M Performance Exhaust System shown here, the upgrade will certainly be worth it.