Despite impressive success, BMW’s M6 GTLM car could be on its way out, as the brand is not looking for a replacement for the 6 Series as a whole. Considering that the next car to fill the two-door performance coupe slot in BMW’s lineup is the upcoming 8 Series, it only makes sense that the brand would look to the future BMW M8 for its Le Mans car.

In fact, BMW has been working on a new WEC GTE for some time now, having done quite an extensive amount of testing. The successor to the stunning BMW M6 GTLM, whatever it may be, will likely come by 2018. The upcoming BMW 8 Series will also likely come out in 2018, which would allow a perfect transition for the brand to debut both at the same time. The BMW M8 Coupe will likely be launched in 2018 as well and wold be the basis for the Le Mans car.

While no official word has been given as to what engine will be under the hood of the upcoming BMW M8, the M8 GTE racer will use a variant of the brand’s 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. Rather than go with something different, it makes sense for BMW to use the same engine as in the M6 GTLM, as its power capabilities are massive and its reliability is proven.

The current BMW M6 GTLM is a great looking car and one that has proven successful for the brand and its motorsport division. However, the upcoming 8 Series could be even better looking than the current 6er, which could make the next BMW M8 GTE even sexier than this current M6 variant. If that’s the case, I think we’ll soon forget the successful M6 GTLM and welcome in its new successor.

[Source: Bimmertoday]