BREAKING NEWS: The BMW M8 is finally coming!

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According to several sources close to BMWBLOG, BMW will finally give its fans a new high-end M car. The M8 nameplate will be resurrected in …

According to several sources close to BMWBLOG, BMW will finally give its fans a new high-end M car. The M8 nameplate will be resurrected in 2019 and will include, not one, but three different models. Based on the new 8 Series family, BMW will produce an M8 Coupe(F92), M8 Convertible(F91) and M8 Gran Coupe(F93).

First model – the coupe – is scheduled for 2019, followed a year later by the M8 Convertible and M8 Gran Coupe.

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The BMW M8 is the BMW supercar that wasn’t. It’s a car that has barely seen the light of day, instead it spends its time locked away. Only one was made and it was only myth until a few years ago. Based on the original BMW 8 Series, the M8 packed a V12 engine, a six-speed manual, crazy body work and a hardcore, stripped out interior. It was a monster that all BMW fans wanted and none actually got.

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BMW M8 One-Off

What the news also mean is that the M6 family is gone for now. We’ve already learned that the 6 Series Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe are being replaced by the 8 Series, so it comes as no surprise that their M equivalents have been scrapped.

Just like the upcoming F90 M5, the new M8 models will pack a reworked version of the brand’s 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, much like the new BMW M550i does, and should develop around 600 hp.

 To get those ponies to the ground, though, the new BMW M8 is likely to also have an eight-speed ZF-sourced automatic gearbox, rather than the DCT unit typically found in M cars. The reason for that is that the DCT (dual-clutch transmission) isn’t set up for all-wheel drive and it likely can’t handle all torque of the mighty V8’s torque, which is said to be around 516 lb-ft.

All-wheel drive will certainly be part of the offering as well. For years, the company has been putting away the idea of a four-wheel drive M car – aside from the M SUVs – but now with the new M5 opening that worm of cans, other models will follow suit as well. And the new M8 models are the perfect candidate to offer the traction needed all-year round.

We will likely start seeing the first M8 prototype roaming the streets in 2018, but until then we will keep our ears to the ground for more information.

56 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: The BMW M8 is finally coming!”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    Everything is starting to make more sense now, but i hope the 8 Series will not just be the current 6’s successor and keep the heritage of the old 8, with a standalone design and being a proper flagship.

  2. Jupiter says:

    That’s a very misleading picture you’ve used for this story. If the M8 is based on the new 8 series it won’t look anything like that

  3. Guillaume Perret says:

    if it’s only a V8 I don’t see the exclusivity … hope their will be some kind of hybrid magic or V12 …

  4. Henry Ting says:

    The backside is beautiful. The front is just too uniform, looks like a carry over from the E26 M1.

    • Art3ga says:

      Those are two different concepts that have nothing to do with reality. They are also very misleading since the M8 will eb a front engined car, much like the M6 if this article is to be believed.

  5. Frankie M says:

    It seems like 600hp is kinda tame for a 2019 M8. I mean, the m760i and new B6 both have 600 hp now.
    I am not sure who would want to buy this car. I mean, the M5 is so much power and it’s so massive and heavy.
    and M6 is beautiful but huge. There’s more power in those cars than anyone would ever need. Especially since most people don’t take these cars to the track. I’m not against the car or anything, just thinking out loud.

  6. DM says:

    BMW’s “return” to being profit-focused will likely translate to the F92 M8 being little more than the new 8 series with an F90 engine and the M badge instead of the purpose-built “supercar” we’re all (myself included) being delusional about.

  7. Edmund Yepez says:

    Will it compete/ be as competitive as the
    M6 GTR? (Yes, I’m being sarcastic)
    Don’t mind me. I haven’t been happy with BMW competition since 2011 (M3s in ALMS series)

    • rennsport4.4TV8 says:

      The M6 GT3 won the 24H of Spa in its first year and was the only car that even competed against AMG GT3s at the Nurburgring. Turner won a race with it in their first year and Teo Martin won the team championship last year in the GT Open and one car finished second in standings. All done in its first year. RLL has failed miserably, but outside of them the car has been and is competitive.

      • Matt Stokes says:

        At Spa, if the Merc’s (that qualified 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) hadn’t all been handed 5 minute stop/go’s I think it could well have been a repeat of the N24, with Mercedes locking out the podium by the end of the race (in it’s first year), as it was Mercedes still got a car on the podium at Spa.

    • Max says:

      The US racing series is BS especially their BoP, everyone knows that.
      Look at the races in Europe, there u can see the real M6 performance. N24H and Spa24 showed very well what this car is capable of!

  8. raziel28 says:

    This is a good news, for sure!
    I am wondering will it be a new re-branded 6 Series (with a new name) or a completely new model?

  9. Tunmishe Oke says:

    They need to get this just right. The old 8, though ahead of its time design wise, was guilty of being too heavy and so could not answer to that super GT tag that BMW envisioned. For that it was deemed a failure. I would keep the 6 series stable but squeeze 700 hp out of the new M8 AND 650 BHP out of the ordinary 8. Use Fibreglass and aluminum for the body and before you know it you have a sub 3 sec monster with 4X4.

    • DM says:

      BMW AG’s management (at the time) accepted, post-E31, that they had failed at delivering the performance buyers could attain in the relative price segment of the super-GT. Guys like Bernd Pieschetsrieder learned their lesson from this and began veering toward a real contender when they began collaborating with Maclaren (ala F1). Of course, people moved on and the whole effort dissolved away (8series moniker shelved).

      Fast forward to today – the product decisions are now, more than ever, marketing-focused (read profit driven) and it becomes apparent that all BMW decision-makers want is ‘something’ to shove into the $150K+ segment. Could this be a foreshadow of history doomed to repeat itself?

  10. jason bourne says:

    Not a bad looking design… Eons better than those hideous hommage efforts.

  11. Dailybimmer says:

    @Horatiu B.

    The M8 is the successor of the M6 ​​and will be competing against such cars like Mercedes S Class coupes AMG S63, Aston Martin, Porsche Panamera S, Jaguar F Type R. It will not look like a McLaren Supercar. What Bmw additionally needs is a supercar that looks and drives like K.I.T.T.

  12. Seven23 says:

    That’s means the M8 will be a Mid-Engine car than a 2+2 sport car ?

  13. Brian Hodge says:

    The new 8 is series is just the (new) 6 series. 5 GT is new 6 series. Pretty simple.
    It makes sense as few appreciated the current 6 series since “below” the 7er even though it was spiritually more a 8 series successor.

  14. Avrelio Markus says:

    Oh really? I wonder if bmw’s “supercar” will even be able to beat the CLA 45 AMG. Ha-ha-ha…

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