Since the BMW M2‘s inception, fans have been wondering what would happen if the Bavarians added more power. The chassis is so good and its handling so sharp that it stands to reason the M2 could not only handle more power but relish it. While its N55 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine is brilliant, pulls hard and sounds great, it only packs 365 hp and we think the M2 could do with some more. Apparently BMW feels so as well, as there’s an upcoming BMW M2 CS being developed Bavaria and it’s just been caught testing at the Nurburgring.

In this new spy video from a man by the name of Automotive Mike, we get to see the M2 CS doing some test laps on the ‘Ring. It’s rumored that the upcoming BMW M2 CS will get the same S55 engine from the BMW M3/M4, which would bring that extra power BMW fans have been asking for. In this video, it sounds like it might have that engine.

As this M2 test car drives past, we can hear its engine a bit and it doesn’t sound as raspy or as growly as we’d like or what I remember from the M2’s N55. It sounds a bit like a generic sports car engine note and that reminds us of the M3/M4’s kind of blah sounding engine. If that’s the case, the M2 will certainly get the power that it needs, with somewhere around 425 hp, but it will lose than engine note that we love from the M2.

It does look quick here, though, with even some tail-out wiggle on corner exit. So not only does it look quick but it looks like BMW made some tweaks to the suspension and handling, as the standard M2 is quite the tail-happy machine. So, for better or worse, I think the BMW M2 CS will be a more buttoned down, mature performance machine rather than the hooligan that the M2 is.