Blue color finishes have become quite popular in the last few years. We’ve seen a plethora of automakers launching new products sporting different shades of blue. Even BMW had their M3 Sedan introduced in the show color Yas Marina Blue. Other beautiful colors like Santorini Blue are also eye catching, but the finish seen here today is even more special.

This particular BMW M3 features the Riviera Blue color which interesting enough has been imported by BMW from Porsche. No metallic flake is added to the mix when the Riviera Blue is created, but it comes with enough pigmentation to make up for the lack of it.

Riviera M3 15 750x501

Push the BMW M3 into some California sun and the resulting look is staggering! The interior is a similar story of beauty. The car comes with a complete Opal White interior with an Opal White alcantara headliner, helping things liven up a bit on the inside. The BMW M Performance accessories complete the exterior look, giving the M3 an unmatched feel of class and attraction.

For this build, the owner of this M3 turned to the TAG Motorsports. The California-based tuning company proceeded in turning the already amazing Riviera Blue BMW M3 into an even more special project – all thanks to a selection of high-quality aftermarket parts.

Riviera M3 28 750x501

The build started with a protection solution made for its highly-appealing exterior finish. The BMW M3 is wrapped in XPEL’s Stealth film, a clear-bra protection solution which not only protects the integrity of the paint finish, but it also adds a rather unique semi-gloss feel to it. With the film in place, the vehicle enhances the curvaceous, beefed up body lines.

Riviera Blue BMW M3 Project By TAG Motorsports

The tuning shop also installed a selection of BMW M Performance Parts to this ride. These consist of the carbon fiber front add-on spoiler, a carbon fiber diffuser and a carbon fiber rear deck-lid spoiler as well. Furthermore, the gloss black kidney grilles, side vents and carbon fiber mirror caps were installed, giving the M3 a cleaner outer appeal. Additionally, the front reflectors are replaced by the complete TAG Painted Reflector Package; a solution done in house, which perfectly matches to the Riviera Blue finish.

Riviera Blue BMW M3 Project By TAG Motorsports

Next on the list o upgrades were a set of brake calipers which color-match the Riviera Blue exterior. These Carbon Ceramic brakes help with stopping distance of the powerful sports car.

Riviera Blue BMW M3 Project By TAG Motorsports

To enhance the performance side of the build, TAG Motorsports have installed an intake and exhaust upgrades as well. The BMC Air Filters allow the powerful engine to take in more air, while the complete aftermarket exhaust system helps with the exhaust flow, giving the vehicle slightly more power. The exhaust installed comes from AWE Tuning and their non-resonated exhaust system, complete with the optional 102mm Diamond Black Tips which give this exhaust just the right look to match its beastly sound. Furthermore, the tuner also added a GIAC ECU Flash to complete the power update.

Riviera Blue BMW M3 Project By TAG Motorsports

With the engine tuning project completed, the attention turned to the suspension system. Thanks to a KW Suspension Variante 3 coilovers, the M3 now delivers better handling and rebound performance, helping it to navigate with ease through twisty corners both on and off the track. After this was all said and done, the perfect accentuating touch was added: a set of HRE Performance Wheels was installed.

Riviera Blue BMW M3 Project By TAG Motorsports

The wheels chosen are the HRE RC100 wheels, coming in sizes of 20×10 and 20×12 in the front and rear, combined with a Brushed Aluminum finish that gives the wheels a perfect contrasting look against the vehicle’s exterior. The wheels are wrapped in a set of Pirelli Nero GT tires, sized 255/30/20 in the front and 305/25/20 in the rear.

You can check out the complete media gallery of this stunning BMW M3 right below.