Here at the 2017 NY Auto Show, BMW’s stand is fairly small. The Bavarians aren’t debuting a lot this year at New York but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything interesting to see. In fact, BMW’s M Performance Parts Division seems to have quite a bit of interesting cars here. One of them is the BMW M2 with M Performance livery and some carbon fiber aerodynamics, However, the most exciting part of this M2 is its new set of wheels.

The new 763M style of wheel is available in 19″ front and 20″ rear for M3/M4 but only comes in 19″ on the M2. Although, they also come with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, making them not only look great but a great performance option as well. So you’re getting good bang for buck with these wheels, as they aren’t just a cosmetic upgrade.

But on top of the wheels, this M2 is wearing its Black Sapphire Metallic paint and M Performance livery. I’m not so sure how I like the livery on the M2. The stripes down the sides of the car look fine and they look okay heading toward the exhaust at the back, but the stripes on the front air intakes look a bit silly and cheap. The M Performance exhaust tips look the business, though.

If you’re going to buy a BMW M2, we’d highly recommend the 763M wheels, though. They add a lot more style to the M2 and give it a unique look, as the standard wheels are the same as you’d get on every other modern M car. The M2 is a special car and it needs special wheels. While they aren’t cheap, costing around $5,500, they do come wrapped in Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, so that helps sweeten the deal. But, either way, the wheels seem worth the upgrade.