A little while back, we looked at a comparison test between the BMW M3 Competition Package, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Cadillac ATS-V. The comparison was done by Motor Trend and all of the cars were tested on both road and track. In this comparison, the BMW M3 dispatched the AMG and Cadillac before being taken down by the new Italian. Well, Car and Driver recently tested these four cars against each other now and have come up with slightly different results.

The first car to lose this comparison is the Cadillac ATS-V. America’s best sport sedan is an interesting one and a frustrating one. The ATS-V’s chassis is great and its dynamics are as good as any car’s in the class. However, it’s completely let down by an engine that wouldn’t be considered good in a Hyundai and an automatic gearbox that’s slow to respond and ponderous left to its own devices. The interior is also sub-par and lacks any of the refinement of the other cars in the test. The Cadillac ATS-V has a ton of potential but the bean-counters at GM hamstring it to the point of futility.

In third place came the BMW M3 Competition Package. While Motor Trend felt that the Comp Pack completely revamped the M3 and turned it into the car it should have been all along (to which we sincerely agree), Car and Driver felt the opposite. According to C&D, the Comp Pack made the ride too firm and the experience too hardcore and felt that the standard car was more enjoyable more of the time. Though the M3 was tied as the fastest and sharpest with the Alfa and the steering is second best only to the Italian.

Second place went to the Mercedes-AMG C63 S. According to C&D, the AMG earned heaps of praise basically just for its engine and interior. Admittedly, the 4.0 liter twin-turbo AMG V8 is a thing of joy and combines silky smooth power delivery with an incredible noise. It also packs a very luxurious and stylish interior that’s more comfortable and easy to live with than any other car in the test. However, its gluey steering and sloppy handling prevent it from beating out the Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio takes top marks here, being the most liked car in the test in nearly every single regard. The only real downside of the Giulia was the fact that its technology was lacking behind the other cars in the test and the some interior bits lacked the upscale feel of the Germans. However, the steering, handling, engine, performance and noise all trumped the other cars in the test. While there might have been some debate about where the other cars placed, it seems like C&D never felt that the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio would place any place other than first.

[Source: Car and Driver]