Usually, Nardo Gray paint is reserved for the likes of the Audi R8 or Audi RS7, as it’s an Audi-exclusive color. Although, It suits their vehicles rather well, giving them an unmistakable mark. On the other hand, we’ve seen Ferraris and other supercars finished in that color choice, so it’s no surprise that BMW M3 owners are going for it too.

In turn, this particular color choice gives the BMW M3 a rather breathtaking and interesting look, further accentuating its aggressive design lines. But, for the owner of this vehicle, this gorgeous finish simply wasn’t enough. That’s why he turned over to European Auto Source in order to give his high-performance vehicle even better exterior appeal.

Nardo Gray BMW F80 M3 Gets Aftermarket Upgrades 6 750x499

The M3 in question received a complete set of upgrades from BMW M Performance Parts. Namely, the M Performance carbon fiber front splitters were installed, alongside the M Performance side blade attachments, the gloss black kidney grilles and gloss black side markers. All of these, give the M3 a clean and compelling look throughout.

Nardo Gray BMW F80 M3 Gets Aftermarket Upgrades 3 750x469

Additionally, the project is completed, thanks to a set of iND painted side markers, trunk badge, front reflectors and rear reflectors. These work perfectly in tiding up the M3’s exterior rather nicely. Overall, the build looks impressive, even without big interventions into its visual appearance. Check out the full build gallery right below.