Back in the day, Nardo Grey was an exterior color popular within Volkswagen Group. Audi made it quite popular a while back but around Europe you can also see it on various Skoda models as well as some VWs. However, thanks to the Individual catalogue, this BMW M3 can now also wear it.

The F80 model also seems to have just the right proportions to make this color look good. Chip in the carbon fiber goodies it received and this M3 is a definite looker. Among those upgrades you’ll notice the matte black BLK wheels, the Remus exhaust with carbon fiber tips, Mod Carbon front splitter and boot lid lip, as well as the M Performance mirror covers.


On the performance side of things, apart from the extra horsepower and torque brought on by the exhaust, the car also received a KW suspension that brings the center of gravity closer to the ground. Even without a serious power increase, the 431 HP from the 3-liter mill under the hood are plenty for us and we wouldn’t hesitate to take this beast out for a drive.