The American car market is craving for SUVs. Sales of trucks have increased year-over-year and the premium segment is looking for even more crossovers in the future. BMW is also doubling down on its X family and in the next few years we will see a product refresh, along with the addition of new models.

One of the most exciting and highly awaited BMW trucks is the X7, the largest SAV ever produced by Munich. Manufactured actually in South Carolina, the X7 is set to be unveiled in late 2018, before its market debut in 2019.

The BMW X7 will sit above the X5 and X6, competing with the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class and Range Rover, in the full-sized luxury SUV segment which simply dominates the luxury market, at least in America. Range Rovers, big Benzes and Cadillac Escalades are some of the most popular luxury vehicles in America, so it only makes sense that BMW would want in on some of the action.

Very few people outside the BMW headquarters have seen the X7, but those that were privileged to be allowed behind the secret door have described the luxury SUV as one of the most exciting models to come in a long time from Munich. One of those people is Timothy Kraemer, head of the brand’s dealer group in the U.S. who described the X7 as simply “amazing.”

“I have seen the X7,”Kraemer said for Automotive News. “I sat in it and it is amazing, and I saw some of the neat things they have coming. But I am most excited about the X7.”

Furthermore, Kraemer also talked about the entire X lineup which will be completed – for now – when the X2 comes out as well.

“There is a small SUV coming — the X2, maybe the size of Range Rover Evoque, and it looks very similar to that,”Kraemer added. “Once you have that, you will have a real rounded group of X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and X6. And with the X7 you will have something for all metrics, which means you can have enough conquests or step-up SUVs.”

For the BMW X7, we know that it will be built on BMW’s CLAR (Cluster Architecture) Platform, which underpins the BMW 7 Series and new 5 Series. That means it will likely have much of the same technology and luxury as the 7 Series, which is impressive considering that the 7 Series is one of the better luxury cars on the market. While powertrains and equipment are not officially known, though it will almost certainly use BMW’s typical suite of engines, we do know that there will be an extra trim level.

BMW is looking to offer an ultra-luxury variant of the X7, something to compete with the Bentley Bentayga.