BMW X7 gets another render

BMW X7 | December 30th, 2016 by 22
BMW X7 render image 750x500

German magazine BILD brings us another rendering of the future BMW X7. Compared to the previous renders, this one takes a moderate approach by building …

German magazine BILD brings us another rendering of the future BMW X7. Compared to the previous renders, this one takes a moderate approach by building atop the current SUV lineup and the new 7 Series.

The X7 illustrated here features a massive kidney grille paired with equally large air intakes which give the car that look expected from a large truck. The headlights -which connect to the grille – are a combination of those found on the G01 7 Series and the G30 5 Series. The front bumper is adorned with chrome across the entire front fascia, while the nose is more upright than ever.

BMW X7 render image 750x422

The side view is less exciting though, it only features a bland character line and the now the typical “hockey stick.” Based on the recent spy photos, we believe the actual X7 will be far more attractive, delivering that perfect mix of ultra luxury and sportiness.

One thing is certain though – the X7 shouldn’t be as heavy as it looks. Based on BMW’s new CLAR (cluster architecture) platform, the BMW X7 will feature extensive uses of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium in its construction, making it lighter than SUVs of its size typically are.

The BMW X7 will sit above the X5 and X6, competing with the Mercedes-Benz GLS Class and Range Rover, in the full-sized luxury SUV segment which simply dominates the luxury market, at least in America. Range Rovers, big Benzes and Cadillac Escalades are some of the most popular luxury vehicles in America, so it only makes sense that BMW would want in on some of the action.

22 responses to “BMW X7 gets another render”

  1. Madalin says:

    Guys, stop posting this kind of ugly sh!t..

    • Alexandr Kjelbrand says:

      Stop posting sh!t posts! Bring something worth next time you consider comment on others work. Works something out yourself. How do YOU want it to look?

  2. Nn says:

    G01 7-series? :D

  3. Mateo says:


    i saw bunch of renders of all sorts of cars and non of them was even close to production version

  4. Charles B says:

    They can’t be serious.

  5. LucyPup says:

    OMG! F’ing HORRID

  6. Arunabh says:

    Just booked appointment with an eye specialist.

    What i fear most is that they can actually come up with such lunacy (considering what we have been subjected to through G01/02/30)

  7. jason bourne says:

    Saying that it’s hideous would be an understatement.

  8. asdasd says:

    what went wrong BMW… :D

  9. treeman says:

    They should just make the kidney grills smaller and put on a better fender

  10. GregV8 says:

    Looks like an angry boar. Whoever renders these must be joking.

  11. Randy Hermann says:

    I originally thought, “No way they would do that big ugly grill. Surely they learned from Lexus and Lincoln…” I guess I was wrong, the current generation of designers have been replaced by cartoonists. That front end should be animated.

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