BMW’s baddest and fastest sports car today has ended its production cycle this month with a run of 803 units, a significant increase over the projected 730 models. But now, there might be one less left in the world. According to several Instagram accounts (one can be found here), this M4 GTS was spotted in Germany and judging by the images below, it’s in a pretty bad shape.

There are conflicting reports on what exactly happened to this Mineral Grey M4 GTS. Some hint at the possibility of the car being tracked at the Ring before hitting a sidewall, while others point out the mud which might indicate a possible flooding situation. Regardless of the root cause, the repairs are going to be quite expensive and the car might be getting a salvage title.

BMW’s M4 GTS has been in the news quite often lately. It all started with a less than stellar review from MotorTrend and it continued the trend with one from Jeremy Clarkson. In the fourth and most recent episode of The Grand Tour, the new Amazon Prime motoring show from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, we took a look at a grudge match between two of the best hardcore sports cars on the market. The BMW M4 GTS and Porsche 911 GT3 RS are both stripped out, hardcore variants of standard sports cars. But fact, Clarkson didn’t seem to like the BMW M4 GTS much at all.

First, he complained about the ride quality, then there’s the loud interior noise, the lack of any sort of practicality and the fact that he doesn’t much like the water-injection system. Normally, people find that the M4 GTS makes up for all of this by being brilliant to drive. Clarkson feels otherwise and doesn’t like the way it drives either. He feels it to be sloppy and overly twitchy. And maybe that’s one reason to have an extremely experienced driver behind the wheel of this powerful machine.

Regardless of these reviews, the M4 GTS remains the jewel in the M’s crown and it’s likely to become a highly desired track car down the road. Let’s just hope that not many will bite the dust.