On the latest episode of Ignition, MOTOR TREND Senior Features Editor Jason Cammisa explores the virtues of the BMW M4 GTS. The M4 GTS is BMW’s solution for those who think the M4 is too soft, too sober, and too understated. Just 700 of these special cars will be produced, and only 300 of them are coming to the U.S. It costs a breathtaking $135,195, but delivers 68 more horsepower than the M4, for a total of 493 hp. Helping the engine make that power is water injection—a trick we haven’t seen in a production car for more than 50 years. With fully revised suspension, sticky track tires, and no back seats, the GTS promises to be the ultimate M4.

Could the GTS be an overpriced, silly poseur machine for guys who live in their racing suits? Can the GTS clear a speed bump? Heck, can it do a burnout over a speed bump? Cammisa finds out and then hands the keys to SCCA Hall-of-Fame driver Randy Pobst to see how much faster it is than a regular M4 around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.