BMW’s baddest and fastest sports car today has ended its production cycle. Despite its initial projection of just 700 units worldwide, the M4 GTS managed to squeeze on the production line quite a few more units. Back in April this year, BMW announced it will manufacture no more than 700 units of the high-performance M4 GTS, described the model as “a special edition limited to 700 units to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BMW M3.”

But the final number is 803 units for the globe, still a very rare and limited car, which will likely hold its value on the used car market. May even become a collectors item. BMW’s initial plan called for 300 units to the United States, 80 to Germany, 50 to Canada, 15 to China, and 30 to the United Kingdom and Japan. It’s unclear what the final distribution was.


What’s clear though is that the last M4 GTS is headed for the United States, was produced on November 28 and is painted in Black Sapphire.


The M4 GTS is also one of BMW’s fastest and most track-ready cars. With 493 hp, a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds, water-injection and manually adjustable shocks, the M4 GTS is ready to munch almost anything that comes to the track. The M4 GTS was priced at $133,205 in the US.

[Source: Motor1]