With each year passing by from the advent of the BMW E92 M3, the tuning possibilities for this platform multiply substantially. From performance to visual and driving dynamics, the upgrades for the E9x chassis have been affording owners with more and more options. This Matte Black BMW M3 is the perfect example of putting all those possibilities to good use.

This build comes courtesy of European Auto Source, bringing us a detailed look of an M3 that looks the part on the street and on the racetrack where it’s capable of tearing it up even some of the world’s best high-performance offerings currently available.

Matte Black Beast Of A BMW M3 By European Auto Source 9

The build started off as a rather normal E92 M3. Until EAS got their hands on it, the 4.4 Liter V8 engine in the M3 delivered 414 horsepower. This in turn allowed the M3 to sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.1 seconds. The vehicle – in this stock form – will achieve a top speed of 155mph (250km/h). But, as the performance numbers yielded from the naturally aspirated BMW S65 V8 simply weren’t enough for this owner, the addition of a powerful performance upgrade was needed.

This is where EAS stepped in with their vast expertise and experience. In turn, the added ESS Tuning Supercharger System allows the M3 to attain a much more impactful horsepower and torque levels, yielding better overall performance.

Matte Black Beast Of A BMW M3 By European Auto Source

Namely, the ESS Supercharger allows the engine to produce an impressive sounding 625 horsepower – at the crank.

The BMW E92 M3 performs in the same manner as a stock vehicle; under small loads it’s tame and quiet, but when you stomp on the pedal, all hell breaks loose. Consequently, the supercharger system provides great power delivery that’s accompanied by acceleration that is usually reserved for pure race cars. In addition to this, the system maintains all OBD-II functions and it is backed by a comprehensive two-year, unlimited mileage warranty program. Installation of the system takes roughly 8-14 hours using normal hand tools and no irreversible modifications to the car are made.

Matte Black Beast Of A BMW M3 By European Auto Source

As soon as the performance part of the build was completed, it was time to turn their attention to the visual goodies. As can be seen in the media gallery below, this BMW M3 maintains a race inspired look in every single area. First, the APR Performance carbon fiber splitter was installed, reducing front-end lift and increasing grip and stability. Equally important is the APR Performance GTC-300 carbon fiber adjustable wing. This part allows the vehicle to aid rear-end traction in high-speed cornering, further improving the M3’s driving dynamics.

Matte Black Beast Of A BMW M3 By European Auto Source

Next, it was time to improve the driving dynamics with the owner choosing a KW Clubsport Coilover suspension system. This brings better stability, less body roll and overall, improved cornering performance.

Furthermore, the StopTech Trophy Big Brake kit – in the front and rear – yields better braking performance, affords the driver with less brake fade and allows them to brake later in tight, racing situations on the racetrack. The addition of some gorgeous Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels is the perfect accentuating touch to this build. The wheels are wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R tires, keeping the unsprung weight low and the traction high.

Matte Black Beast Of A BMW M3 By European Auto Source