For those who celebrate Christmas, Santa Claus is a controversial figure. Is he real or is he fake? If he’s real, how does he get the presents to all the families across the world in just one night? We’ll never know. But one of the most important questions about good ole Saint Nick is which kind of car he would drive if he did/does drive. Pressing matters, we know. So, let’s say Santa is a BMW fan (he looks like one, right?), which Bimmer would he drive?

Now, I was tempted to say something big and luxurious because Santa is…well, big and old. So, my first thought went to the BMW M760Li xDrive because it’s big enough to fit jolly Santa Claus and it’s powerful enough to give him the same rush of speed as his reindeer. But then, I realized something. Santa lives in the North Pole, so the answer becomes immediately clear.

BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition 6 750x565

Santa Claus would drive a BMW i8. With the polar caps melting and the environment in decline, Santa’s home is slowly fading away. So he’s gonna want to drive something a bit more sustainable and eco-friendly. But, being that his bitchin’ sleigh can fly him around the world in just one night, he’s gonna need some speed or he’ll get bored. Plus, Santa’s a man of great style (that wicked red robe, c’mon?) and it doesn’t get more stylish than the i8.

With a mid-mounted, turbocharged, 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor, the BMW i8 powers its rear wheels. Then, with an electric motor at the front, it powers the front wheels. So, when those two powertrains work in tandem, the i8 develops 357 hp and true torque-vectoring all-wheel drive, which he’ll need in the snow.

So it just makes sense. The BMW i8 is friendly for Santa’s slowly declining home, fast enough to give him his speed fix and good looking enough to fit his style. If Santa were to drive a BMW, he’s drive an i8.