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Photo Gallery: Stylish Christmas present ideas from MINI

In case you didn’t check, the holiday season is upon us. A little over a month separates us from Christmas and people are already looking for the perfect gifts. Car enthusiasts usually go for car…

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Technology supports people in new BMW Christmas ad

It’s currently the Christmas part of the holiday season, as we only have a few more days until Santa drops his fat ass down people’s chimneys and delivers some gifts that parents will take credit…

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Create Your Own Perfect Christmas Card with BMW M

Now that the Holiday season is upon us, the people over at BMW M are enjoying the spirit as well. They also want you to make your own perfect cards and to this end, they…

What BMW would Santa Clause drive?

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Which BMW would Santa Claus drive?

We’ve all seen the commercials for Mercedes-Benz where Santa Claus comes home from a long day of gift-giving, only to settle down and relax by taking out his brand new Mars Red Mercedes-AMG GT S…