BMW has been offering a certificate of authenticity for many years, and from 2024, it’s getting an update. It’s now called a digital birth certificate and it’ll cost you €125. That’s frankly quite steep for a piece of paper, but if you love your car, it’s nice to have. It has all the information you’d expect: chassis and engine numbers as well as production/delivery date.

If you happen to have a BMW built during the 1980s or later, the digital birth certificate also contains the transmission number and details about the optional features ordered from the factory. It now also comes with a digital signature as an extra layer of security against the production of counterfeits.

If you’re interested, there’s an order form at this link on BMW Group Classic’s website. Telephone enquirers are no longer offered due to “data protection reasons.” The €125 must be paid via a bank transfer and the German luxury brand will ship you the document with a digital signature from the BMW Group Archive.

The two-page document could be an effective tool to sell a car quicker. Having an official piece of paper from BMW might lure in more buyers. Aside from paying the fee, you’ll also have to provide proof of ownership and photos of the chassis and engine numbers. The company specifies the amount of details included in the document depends on the model and the vehicle’s age. Logic tells us that the newer the car is, the more data BMW can share.

After you fill in the order form, it must be sent to this e-mail: The document won’t be issued without proof of ownership: copy of the vehicle license, vehicle registration document, or purchase contract. The asking price includes value-added tax (VAT). However, you’ll likely have to pay for shipping.

Source: BMW Group Classic