The Competition Package for the current BMW M6 line-up has gone through a couple of changes since it was unveiled initially. Launched alongside the LCI M5, the super sporty M6 made use of the the 4.4-liter V8 under the hood delivering an additional 15 HP for 575 in total. Today, however, the Competition Package for the M6 brings a bit more to the table, taking the twin-turbo mill up to 600 HP and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque.

That’s considerably more than what the standard car comes with, an impressive feast achieved by BMW engineers. 40 extra horsepower available throughout the rev band and a small bump in torque can make quite a difference when it comes to a BMW, as you’re about to see. The cars in the footage below are separated solely by the Competition Package and have been put together to show exactly what that means on the road.


The Competition Package also brings a new suspension in the mix with better dampers and bushings that should keep the car’s near 2-ton weight in check better while on the track. The electronic nannies are also upgraded to allow for better throttle response and more fun on the track, all things that we love to talk about but rarely get to experience first hand.

And that’s why the comparison below is even more important. The place where people will get to see the competition package in full effect the most will be on the highway where reaching eye-watering speeds shouldn’t take more than a blink of an eye. As you’re about to see, the upgraded M6 does get you into triple-digit territory a lot faster than the standard model but we didn’t expect the difference to be quite so big, to be honest. It looks like $7,000 might be worth the investment.