Normally the BMW M5 and the Ford Mustang are competing in different segments and for different customers, but on a drag strip, anything goes, and it shouldn’t be surprising considering how popular the two models are. And yet, what could possibly happen if there’s more than 100 HP difference between the two?

The BMW M5 featured here is fitted with the Competition Package, a complete kit that aims at making it even better on the road and of course, on the track. The special package brings a small power increase from the stock 560 HP to 575 HP while the torque figure remains the same at 501 lb-ft (680 Nm), being delivered a bit sooner and for a longer RPM range. Other changes include a reworked rear differential that allows more controlled slippage and a better suspension setup, none of which come in handy on the drag strip. The video also claims that the M5 sports a Dinan tune under the hood, so it’s unclear what the final power ouput is.


On the other side of the fence we have a heavily modified Mustang GT500. It features a Whipple Supercharger, Flowmaster Exhaust, Cold Air Intake and Drag Radials. The tires will definitely come in handy here as the total output of the Ford’s engine is claimed to be close to 700 HP, a bit over 100 HP more than what the M5 can brag with.

However, there’s a crucial difference between the two here, one that made the difference in the end. Although the Mustang seems like a clear favorite here, it was a manual and keeping in check the 700 HP on the rear axle isn’t as easy as it sounds. That said, the 7-speed DCT gearbox of the M5 and its Launch Control feature allowed it to keep up with the Mustang, an impressive achievement by any means.