Five Reasons Why BMW Should Return The M5 Touring

BMW M5 | November 24th, 2014 by 9
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There are several perspectives on what BMW should do with their performance models. Some of the most forward thinking enthusiasts are excited about the prospects of new drivetrain technologies – electric and hybrid – while others are still dead set on massive power delivery and large displacements.

In all fairness, each point of view provides an interesting insight into the way customers are thinking about future BMW cars. But when it comes to a BMW that many purists are looking for once again, the M5 Touring is often referenced.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a performance oriented 5 Series Touring on the market. While there might not be a huge worldwide demand, there is certainly a demographic craving for one. In our opinion the current F11 5 Series Touring is the perfect candidate for an M5 Touring based on it.

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Its overall shape and proportions, the design and style of the F11, provides a healthy platform to base the ultimate sports performance version upon.

So today, we are going to list our five reasons why BMW should return the M5 Touring –  performance figures and other useful information are included.

1. Design


As stated earlier, the BMW F11 Touring is an elegant touring with sporty accents. It is often considered as being better looking and more visually balanced than the F10 5 Series Sedan. A performance sports wagon would provide an alternative to the sedan that has proven to be a huge seller for BMW, a vehicles that caters to both executives and M enthusiasts.

The M5 Touring, Sports Wagon or Estate (whatever you want to call them) will cater to families as well. Imagine a dad that loves his M5 and can’t wait to use the car for a long trip with his family, and the added space and storage wouldn’t hurt at all.

Here is a rendering of what the M5 Touring could look like:


2. Interior Space


We’ve touched a bit on this point earlier. For some automakers, crossing into the performance car market for family men can be a difficult task. You would lose booth space and get a rather impractical car – for family use that is. The general idea with performance wagons is to combine two completely different use cases in one single vehicle.

The M5 Touring would deliver a larger interior space with a large boot, all combined with the high-performance you usually receive in the M5 sedan.

3. Competition




The competition is providing excellent solutions for people wanting to drive a high-performance vehicle with plenty of boot space. In a way, they are validating a market, a small one indeed, but nonetheless a niche that BMW could compete in. Achieving the same performance in acceleration, handling and overall drying dynamics should be quite easy to achieve for BMW.

With the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon and the newly released Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake, the market is being overtaken by some great looking cars! BMW might want to look into this.

4. Test Bed For New Technology Advancements


A BMW M5 Touring would be the perfect car for BMW M to test an all-wheel drive vehicle. The M550d Touring is the perfect example of what a powerful sports wagon can do on the road. And track. BMW could essentially offer an BMW M5 Touring xDrive that will cater to many customers in the snowy areas of the world. Same drivetrain could be later used in the other M cars.

We are keen on seeing an all-wheel drive version where the traction, handling and overall driving dynamics would prove to be far more efficient and quite different on the road than what we are all used to with current M models.

5. We Really Like The BMW F11 5 Series


Not the most solid argument but we love the looks and the handling of the BMW F11 5 Series Touring. The combination of technology and interior space with great design makes a future M5 a highly desirable car.

It might even take away some customers from the X family. By combining all-wheel drive, dynamics seen in the current BMW M5 sedan with the design cues from the F11 5 Series, the M5 Touring would be the feasible choice for families who like to put the foot down.



So, what do you think? Should BMW build an M5 Touring?