Pretty much like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did during their campaigns, the world is now divided by yet another outrageous thing: this rusted BMW i8. The car was brought to life by the guys over at MetroWrapz for Austin Mahone. However, as intriguing as it looks, there isn’t a consensus on whether this i8 should be considered an abomination or something to behold.

While some are loving the colors exhibited which do a really good job of replicating rusted metal, others are simply outraged by the ruining of a great car with great standard colors. Yet, this project deliver an interesting idea – a car made up of polymers, carbon fiber and aluminum which is not going to rust anyhow.


Apart from the body that was wrapped in this special layer of vinyl which replicates rust, the car also received a special set of golden wheels from Vossen to match the new color scheme this BMW is wearing now. In case the car seems familiar it’s because this exact BMW i8 used to wear an Iron Man theme as its owner, Austin Mahone, was seemingly not all that excited about the fact that Tony Stark drives an Audi in the movie franchise.