BMW i8 tuning

BMW i8 Roadster Energy Motors Sport green color 12 830x553

BMW i8 Roadster gets tuned up like a proper racing car

Just a couple of years ago, Japanese aftermarket company Energy Motor Sport released their tuning program for the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. Sold under the EVO i8 name, the program focused on visual and performance upgrades…

everyn bmw i8 dark knight spotted in japan has crazy red interior 8 830x553

Video: EVE.RYN BMW i8 Dark Knight Edition Looks Insane

Tuning shops from around the world have historically pushed to get the most out of the cars customers were interested in. Usually, a tuner creates a package that enhances the performance of a particular model and makes…

More photos of the hot Inferno Red BMW i8 by AC Schnitzer

Video: This Rusted BMW i8 Has the World Divided

Pretty much like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did during their campaigns, the world is now divided by yet another outrageous thing: this rusted BMW i8. The car was brought to life by the guys…