The BMW M2 is already heralded as one of the greats BMW launched this century. It brings a lot of performance and fun to the table for an acceptable price. Of course, at just over $50,000 you can’t expect it to be perfect but it does bring about a great balance between the performance factor and its pricing. That said, some are willing to invest a bit more to transform the car to their taste.

What BMW M cars are revered for is their dual character. You can take one to the track and get your daily adrenaline dosage and then drive the same car back home again, without any sort of issue. Switching between daily driver and track mode is as seamless as pressing a button. And yet, some owners desire more of a certain assortment. That’s where tuners such as European Auto Source step in.


The owner of this Alpine White BMW M2 wanted his car to be more track-focused. Therefore, he wanted to enhance his car’s handling while leaving behind some of the comfort it offered. In order to do so, the guys fitted a set of APEX EC-7 lightweight rims measuring just 18×9.5 inches all around. Compared to what we see daily on M cars, wheels measuring up to 20 inches, it’s a rather modest approach, that wanted, in the first place, to reduce the unsprung weight. Wrapped in Hankook Ventus TD tires, this M2 is bound to get more grip around track corners.

On top of that, to further help hand big speeds, the car also received a set of Ohlins Road and Track DFV coilovers. The M Performance catalogue completed the setup, with a new rear diffuser, new boot lid spoiler, carbon fiber mirror caps and kidney grilles up front. Overall, this is both a nice looking M2 and a track capable one at the same time.