The guys from 3D Design have been known for years for making some of the best aftermarket tuning parts for the BMW lineup. And now, they have taken the challenging task of making the new BMW M2 stand out even more.

The baby-M model – as it’s dubbed by most of the media – is revered by almost everyone out there. Its crisp handling and strong power delivery – coupled with a no-nonsense attitude – make it an all-time great that will most likely become a classic later down the road. And even though BMW made sure it comes with everything you need as standard, some upgrades never hurt.


The aero kit from 3D Design includes a front lip spoiler made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer that also comes with the front canards included. It’s a plug and play solution so it will fit the standard BMW M2 front bumper without needing any additional modifications. On the sides you can get a set of new side skirts made of the same material while round the back 3D Design is offering a new diffuser and a racing wing.

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Inside the cabin you can also get a couple of cool accessories, like a handbrake lever and pedal covers, yet the exterior kit is the one that will gain most of the attention of people passing by.

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Another highlight of the car shown in the photo gallery below are the wheels, that can be ordered for any BMW model. The Type III forged wheels can be had in 19- and 20-inch guises and in a variety of finishes.

The new BMW M2 project by 3D Design will be revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon and pricing will be disclosed by the end of this month.