If you were to ask any BMW enthusiast what they felt was the perfect M car, the current answer would almost unanimously be the BMW M2. Its size, power, performance and fun-to-drive characteristics make it the ideal car for fans of BMW M. However, in this latest video from Carfection, they tend to feel a bit differently.

The BMW M6 is largely considered to be a good ca, but not a great one. While it’s fast, handles well and is good looking, it’s a bit too heavy to be a proper driver’s car. When BMW launched the Competition Package for the M6, it did help it become a better driver’s car. But still, most fans wanted more. However, Carfection seems to feel that the BMW M6 Competition Package is a fantastic car and possibly the perfect M car.


This may sound like blasphemy to M fans, who look at even the Competition Packaged M6 as too big and too heavy. But when they start to give their reasoning for why the BMW M6 CP is so good, it does start to make sense.

First, the M6 is still a great looking car and one of the most beautiful in the Bavarian lineup and it looks even better with the Competition Package. Second is the noise. That 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 sounds incredible with the Competition Package and it makes 592 hp. And lastly is the way the car makes you feel.

While most fans will point to the M2, M3 or M4 for driver engagement, the Competition Package seems to have brought new life to the BMW M6. Apparently, it gives you just enough driver engagement to excite, but not enough to frighten. It is still a damn-near 600 hp rear-wheel drive coupe, so it does need some driver aids to keep things from getting out of hand. But those driver aids stay in the background and make the driver feel like a hero, rather than hold your hand. And that’s important, because it allows the driver to have a bit of fun while knowing there’s a safety net in case things go wrong.


But one of the biggest reasons why Carfection loves the BMW M6 Competition Package is what it reminds them of — the BMW 8 Series. The BMW 8 Series’ life ended in 1999, but its legacy lives on. While it wasn’t the best BMW of all time, and some could argue it wasn’t actually very good at all, fans still have fond memories of it. And one of the biggest disappointments to all BMW fans was when BMW decided to scrap its M8 project. The BMW M8 actually did exist, within the bowels of BMW’s mad M Division, but it never saw the light of day. This made BMW fans very sad because it had so much potential and, if put into production, could have been the best BMW of all time. Its V12 engine even went on to power the McLaren F1, a car who’s said to possibly have the greatest engine ever made…

And Carfection feels that the BMW M6 Competition Package is the spiritual successor to the BMW M8, the supercar that never was. It’s brutally fast, fantastic to look at, comfortable to ride for hours in and handles far better than something of its size and weight should. So, in many ways, the BMW M6 Competition Package is the BMW M8 we never got.