If you thought a Black Sapphire Metallic BMW M5 couldn’t look any better, think again. While the Bronze finished wheels may not be everybody’s cup of tea, they certainly make a great impact for the outer looks of this M5. Additionally, the iconic sports sedan has been lowered to improve its stance and track performance.

But that’s just half the story. The folks at IND decided to change the exterior looks of this M5 by adding a series of aero parts. At the front, the M5 features a subtle lip, along with the typical blacked out kidney grilles and its ///M colors-painted slats. In the back, a carbon fiber spoiler sits atop the trunk, while the carbon fiber diffuser beautifully incorporates an aftermarket exhaust system.

Black Sapphire Metallic BMW M5 Cleanly Modded By IND Distribution 3 750x500

For the wheels, the owner of this M5 chose a set of Velos D7 Directional wheels. Featuring a rather unique design, these directional wheels are different than most offerings available today. With a one-piece monoblock wheel, they fit the M5 perfectly.

The build beforehand started off as a vanilla BMW M5 – if there ever was such a thing. Powered by a 4.4 L V8 turbo petrol engine. This powerplant delivers 560 horsepower (412 kW) and maximum torque of 502 lb-ft (680 Newton meters). The M5 will make the acceleration sprint from 0-62 mph (0-100km/h) in 4.2 seconds and its top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155 mph). However, an unrestricted (limiter removed) BMW F10 M5 can hit a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h). Not a bad starting point.

Here is a photo gallery of this project:

Black Sapphire Metallic BMW M5 Cleanly Modded By IND Distribution 11 750x500