The BMW F10 M5 was on the market long enough to allow various tuners to bring out impressive power kits. From mild improvements to G-Power’s berserk 740 HP kit, we thought we’ve seen it all – until today. The guys from Carbonfiber Dynamics came up with an even more ludicrous upgrade for the M5’s V8, one that takes power up to 830 HP.

So one can only wonder wow in the world is that power going to be kept in check with only two wheels? Instead of upgrading the suspension and possibly the brakes, they focused on other areas. The also car received a Fire Orange paint job, a color that was reserved for the E92 M3 GTS back when it was launched.


Furthermore, atop the bespoke paint, the aerodynamics were improved by using 3D Design’s carbon fiber bits. Up front, there’s a new lip installed on the bumper, new side skirts as well as a diffuser and a boot lid spoiler added round the back. Rounding up the visual upgrades is a set of 21″ Vossen wheels in graphite grey.


On the performance side of things, a software upgrade for the S63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 couldn’t have been enough. The tuner also installed new turbochargers as well as new intake/exhaust systems for better airflow. The 830 HP figure they ended up with speaks loudly about the potential of this engine. On top of all that, this mid-size sedan can now reach 200 km/h (124 mph) in just about 10 seconds.