Any car enthusiast worth their salt knows of the BMW 2002, as it’s arguably the granddaddy of all sport sedans, being the first one to really make that kind of car popular. But regardless of whether or not it was the first actual sport sedan, it was certainly one of the best of all time and the car that put BMW on the map. So, naturally, 2002’s are worth quite a bit to BMW fans.

The BMW 2002 was introduced in 19 66 and came with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder M10 engine that made 101 hp from its single-carbureted engine. However the 2002tii variant, which this particular mode is, came in 1971 and packed fuel injection, allowing it to have 130 hp. So the 2002tii is clearly the enthusiast’s choice.

This particular car is the much-beloved 2002tii, but it’s not exactly original and has had some modifications. Typically, any modifications to a classic car, even if they improve certain aspects, bring the value down. This owner’s 2002tii has upgraded Bilstein shocks and Suspension Techniques springs, new rubber bushings, sway bars, period Recaro seats and a Nardi wood steering wheel. After the upgrades and restorations, the total cost of work put into this 2002tii comes to about $55,000.`

But does all of that work warrant selling this classic for $71,000, even though they typically sell four around $19,000. Probably not, to be honest. So called “upgrades” aren’t desired by every buyer, so they actually typically drive the cost down. Plus, this owner paid a lot of money to fix a lot of aspects of this 2002tii and that money can’t be put into the value of the car, as it was spent on repairs, no upgrades. A potential buyer can probably find a much cheaper example that doesn’t need much restoration and can upgrade it the same way for far less than $71,000 in total.

Admittedly, this car is very cool and the upgraded suspension will help improve the way the car feels and drives. However, stuff like this can be done for cheaper and this isn’t even the collector’s choice of 2002s, as it has the square taillights rather than the desirable roundies. Is it an awesome car? Yes, it’s a great looking classic that probably drives fantastically because of the upgrades. But is it worth $71,000? Well, that really depends on whether or not you have a $71,000 hole in your pocket waiting to be burned. I don’t, so for me it’s not.

[Source: Bring A Trailer]