There are two things that make this photoshoot interesting: it’s paint exterior color finish (obviously) and the horsepower numbers. The vehicle that visited European Auto Source, received some engine coding and its power got put through a dyno, all to see how much horsepower it churns out.

Its paint finish is rather good looking. The Long Beach Blue was released on the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M – part of their launch colors – where it fits the smaller M family member perfectly. We can only imagine how well the M2 will look with some of additional Individual Finish options later on.

2016 Long Beach Blue Metallic BMW M2 Modded By EAS Image 3 750x469

European Auto Source put the car through its paces at the dyno, recording some interesting performance numbers. At the crank, the 3.0 liter 6-Cylinder Turbo N55 motor outputs 365hp. Taking some runs on our dyno, the M2 put down a range of about 353-360hp, meaning that the M2 has an ever so slight power loss from crank to wheel.

The exhaust sound is perfectly matched – according to the tuning company naturally – where the additional engine tuning could well bring the small kid up to older brother (BMW M3 And M4) levels without a problem, giving it quite an increase in performance.

2016 Long Beach Blue Metallic BMW M2 Modded By EAS Image 7 750x469

We will keep you updated on the progress of the engine tuning done by EAS in the coming weeks. Soon, there will be plenty of exhaust system releases, cold air intake solutions, all with other engine tuning options that will come to action as well. It will definitely help the BMW M2 be an even powerful vehicle – adding to its alure and appeal perfectly. Check out the beautiful 2016 Long Beach Blue BMW M2 photoshoot in the gallery right below.

2016 Long Beach Blue Metallic BMW M2