In this latest video from Carwow, we take a look at a comparison test between the BMW X3, Range Rover Evoque and the Mercedes-Benz GLC Class. While the BMW X3 is the oldest car in this test, it still holds up well against its newer competition. While the Range Rover Evoque isn’t brand new, it’s newer than the X3 and still looks very fresh. The Mercedes-Benz GLC is brand-spanking new, meaning it should walk away from the other two. But the three cars end up being closer than you’d think.


First comes design, which doesn’t bode well for the BMW X3. Being the oldest car in the bunch, it does look rather dated by comparison, especially the Evoque which still looks ahead of the times despite being a few years old. However, it’s still a very handsome car, especially with the M Sport package. The Mercedes-Benz GLC Class does look very modern and fresh, even if it is a bit bland.


On the inside, the BMW X3 is very ergonomic, very well built and boasts the best infotainment system of the bunch, however it does look its age. The Evoque’s interior, while aesthetically very nice, isn’t built all that great and lacks some practicality. The GLC Class’ interior looks great, is built very well and has loads of practicality, making it the best overall cabin even if its infotainments system lacks a bit in comparison to BMW’s iDrive. The X3 has probably the best cargo space, thanks to its low load floor and the biggest trunk opening. However, the GLC has similar cargo space and the best back seat. The Evoque lacks in both departments and is by far the least practical.

In terms of driving dynamics, the BMW X3 is the sports car of the bunch, with precise steering, excellent cornering grip for an SUV and a firm ride. But that ride can be a bit jarring at times and the big M Sport wheels and aggressive tires cause quite a bit of road noise. The Evoque is a bit sloppy and lacks handling performance, but it’s surprisingly fun and has great steering. The GLC is a typical modern Mercedes-Benz, with numb steering inputs and handling dynamics that completely remove the driver from the experience of driving. But its drive is serene and comfortable, perfect for quite cruising, which is exactly what 99 percent of GLC buyers will be doing.


Overall, Carwow claims that the Mercedes-Benz GLC won this test, as its blends all the most important qualities for this segment together so well. However, the BMW X3 and Range Rover Evoque, despite their age, are both very good SUVs, the X3 in particular. While the BMW X3 is getting old and getting ready for replacement, it’s still a great overall package that’s still worth buying over its newer competition, depending on your needs.