These three SUVs are being put to the test against each other left and right, as they’re the biggest competitors in the segment, by pretty much every publication in the world. We just took a look at one of these comparison tests recently, with the Land Rover taking the gold, the Merc getting silver and the BMW having to make due with bronze. It seems as if everyone has the same opinions on these three competitors and it’s interesting to see so many publications coming to similar conclusions. So let’s take a quick look at another.

In this latest comparison from the Independent UK, much love goes to Mercedes-Benz and its new GLC Class. Its 2.1 liter turbo diesel engine is the most powerful of the bunch, while also being considered to be the smoothest. The X3’s 2.0 liter diesel engine is good and smooth, but less powerful than the Merc’s unit. The Land Rover’s 2.0 liter diesel is said to be the worst of the bunch, but only by a bit. It’s just a tad more sluggish and rough than the other two, but it’s still a fine engine. The eight-speed automatics in both the BMW and Land Rover shift gears smoothly and smartly, but the BMW’s is better. However, they love the Merc’s nine-speed ‘box, which is the newest of the bunch and is said to be very smart and very smooth.

On the inside, Independent found the GLC Class interior to be the nicest looking, with rich materials and a fresh design. The BMW X3 has an interior that is by far and away the oldest in this test, making it a bit stale. It is smartly laid out and very ergonomic, but it’s considered to be the worst. The Disco’s interior is the most truck-like, with well thought out ergonomics and by far the most cabin space, as it’s the only one to have legitimate seating for seven. Yet, despite its rugged demeanor, it’s still a very luxurious cabin and deemed to be the best for its overall thanks to its practicality and forward thinking.


In terms of performance and handling, the results are as predicted, with the X3 being the sportiest, the Merc being the most comfortable and the Disco being a nice blend of both and being the only one that can off-road. The Disco is the slowest of the bunch, with the Merc being the fastest an the BMW falling in the middle.

The BMW X3 again gets put in third place, though it was once considered the best in its class, for having the roughest ride, the oldest interior and just being dated overall. The Mercedes-Benz GLC Class gets a second place finish for its superb cabin, great performance a good value. But it’s the Land Rover Discovery Sport that finishes in first place, again, for its blend of practicality, luxury and capability. It’s surprising to see how many of these comparison tests end up with the same results with the same cars.

[Source: IndependentUK]