The current-generation BMW X3 is getting a bit old and is due to be replaced quite soon, as it’s replacement has been caught driving around recently. However, the current-gen model is still a good looking SUV with some very redeeming qualities. So despite its age, the BMW X3 still has a lot to offer a buyer in the segment looking for an SUV and can’t wait for the new one.

In this latest video from Carwow, a newly-founded publication, Mat Watson tests out the new BMW X3 and is actually quite impressed with how it’s held up over the years. While he isn’t a big fan of the way it looks, we still think it’s a handsome looking little crossover, even if it isn’t the best looking and is starting to show its age. However, he does go on to say that it has a well-built interior, the best infotainment system in the business and better cargo space than most in its class.

When it comes to its interior and cargo space, it’s really all the little things that BMW seems to have thought of more than everyone else that separates the X3. Its rear door openings are bigger and more square than everything else in the class, which makes ingress and egress much easier. It also has a three-way folding rear seat and seats that fold almost completely flat. The trunk’s opening is almost perfectly square and very wide, which allows storing large items very easy and it has some of the best cargo space in its class. It also has a perfectly flat load floor, meaning there’s no lip to lift heavy objects over to remove them from the trunk. It’s those little things that makes owning an X3 over the long run much better.


The BMW X3 Watson test came with the 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine and a ZF eight-speed automatic, which is superb, according to Watson. The engine is far faster than one might imagine and buttery smooth. It also works brilliantly with the eight-speed auto and returns good fuel economy.

Watson also claims that the X3 is still one of the best driving crossovers in its class, with fun and dynamic handling for such a crossover. While the ride is a bit stiff, that’s partially due to the M Sport package and large wheels, but a more standard suspension might fare better. And while its interior is really well-built and ergonomic, its design is a bit dated and subpar in comparison to its newer competitors, like the Mercedes GLC Class and Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Overall, though, the current-generation BMW X3 is still a very good car. And, because it’s getting older and on its way out, it’s possible potential buyers can find really good deals on them with dealers trying to move inventory. So, with all its practicality, great engine options and fun-to-drive handling, the BMW X3 is still one of the best small luxury SUVs on the market.