Reviews of the BMW M4 GTS are starting to come in from Barcelona, including ours, where journalists from around the world tested the super sporty M4 on the Montmelo circuit. Some footage is starting to surface on the Interwebs and this particular one embedded below focuses on the exhaust sound of the M4 GTS.

This is basically the Achilles’s heel of the regular M4 as a lot of people have been complaining about the S55 engine not being up to par with what is expected from an M car. The Auto Bild folks recorded the exhaust of the M4 GTS to show how it compares to the regular M4. The GTS uses a lighter exhaust, made of titanium, with 80-mm diameter pipes.


Furthermore, on the track-focused model, there’s no sound added to the cabin – BMW probably considered the noise coming from the tailpipes to be enough for most people.

Unfortunately, only 700 of these 500 HP beasts will ever be made and about 300 of them will reach U.S. shores. Let’s have a look.