Earlier this week, BMW has teamed up with young model Gigi Hadid to promote the new BMW M2. At the time, the short teaser  has dared us to ‘keep our eyes’ on the model and today, we know the meaning of that catch phrase.

BMW released another video of the M2 and the 20-year old who gets into on of the five M2s before disappearing before our eyes. The identical M2s have tinted windows and are swerving around to make us guess what car is Gigi in.


The video below is just 45 seconds long but it’s enough to get you confused. The angles at which it was shot as well as the moves the cars make are plenty to send you in the wrong direction. What’s even worse is that we don’t get to learn the answer. In order to do that you have to access  www.eyesongigi.com and, if you paid close attention to what was happening, you might get the correct answer right away. Ready?

Let us know if you guessed it correctly from the first try or if you needed a second or third attempt.