Less than two weeks ago, BMWBLOG headed to Laguna Seca to test drive the new BMW M2. Our M2 coverage can be found here and our driving impressions can be accessed through this link. The driving event consisted of two parts – a morning track session where we had the chance to experience the driving dynamics of the M2 on the famous Laguna Seca and its corkscrew, and a second afternoon session where we took the M2 for three-hour trip along the Pacific Coast Highway and around the hills surrounding Carmel Valley, and towards Big Sur.

As we’ve said in our written review, overall, the BMW M2 is an amazing car. It’s very fast, far faster than anyone will ever need on the street, has incredible performance and is possibly the most fun car to wear a blue and white roundel. It’s also the most fun BMW since the 1 Series M. The BMW M2 does an impressive job of walking the line between being thrilling and safe. It will allow you to have fun and be aggressive, but it’s safe enough to not let you kill yourself. It may not be the BMW 1M, but then again it’s not supposed to be.


The M2 will live on its own and it will set the bar high for future generations M2.

The footage below gives you a closer look at how the M2 handles on the track – with the afferent commentary – and also you have the chance to see the compact sportscar during street driving.