While the BMW M2 is currently making all of the headlines, the BMW 1 Series M has quietly been appreciating value to heights not yet seen by any other M Division product from the same time. That’s right, of all the BMW M cars sold in 2011, including the X5/X6 M and E92 M3, are worth less than the 1 Series M, when comparing similar quality cars.

When the 1 Series M first came out, it cause quite a bit of a stir, as it was the most fun and most aggressive M car on the market at the time. It was also very rare, with only 740 units being sold in the US. So customers knew that it would end up appreciating in value because such a car would never be made again. Sure, the M2 exists now and that’s a spiritual successor, but nothing will be like the 1M every gain.


This is why it’s appreciated so much in value, as its rarity combined with its lore have made it so incredibly desirable among enthusiasts. According to the NADA, 1 Series M models with around 60,000 miles and in excellent condition are worth $49,250, which is more than its $47,010 sticker price when new. It’s also more than the $43,200 average value of a comparable X6 M and more than the $38,400 of a comparable M3. Technically, the F10 BMW M5 also came out as a 2011 model year, which is worth more than the 1 M, but the M5 didn’t go on sale until November, 2011 and the 1 M was sold out by then. So technically, the 1M and M5 weren’t on sale at the same time.

This appreciation is a very rare thing in the car world, as very few cars even hold their value well, nonetheless increase in value. Unless it’s an old classic Ferrari or Aston Martin or something similarly exotic, it’s hard to find cars that appreciate. So the 1M is a very special breed.


The BMW 1 Series M is a very special car, as it’s an incredible sports car, but it’s also a great investment, for a car. Buy the sports car that you’ve always wanted is an amazing feeling, but buying one that actually increases in value over time is something special.