Top Gear: BMW M5 30 Jahre vs Lexus GS F

BMW M5 | February 2nd, 2016 by 16
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Lexus has been nipping at BMW’s toes for the past couple of years, like a hyena pestering a lion. However, each and every time the …

Lexus has been nipping at BMW’s toes for the past couple of years, like a hyena pestering a lion. However, each and every time the hyena tries to take on the king of the jungle, the big cat gets up and smacks it back down. Well, that time has come again, with Lexus’ latest GS F. It’s set to take on BMW’s M5, but it seems woefully outmatched from the get-go.

Top Gear put together a test between the two cars, except for the fact that the only M5 they could get their paws on was an M5 30 Jahre. If you aren’t familiar with the M5 Jahre, it was designed to celebrate 30 years of the BMW M5 and it packs more power to the tune of 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. It’s also fitted with sharper suspension and steering as well as a revised electronic M differential. This makes the M5 more focused and much faster. It also makes it far out of the Lexus GS F’s league.

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Don’t get me wrong, Lexus actually makes some pretty good cars and the new GS F is actually a pretty good performance sedan. However, according to Top Gear, it’s no match for the Jahre M5. Its 467 hp is weak by comparison to the Jahre’s 600 and its even paltry when compared to the standard M5’s 560 hp. This makes it quite a bit slower and, because of its naturally-aspirated nature, it’s power delivery is much less immediate.

But being a great sport sedan is about much more than just speed and power. Handling and finesse are actually more important. Unfortunately for the GS F, the M5 crushes it here, too. It’s just the superior car when it comes to handling dynamics. The GS F is apparently actually pretty good and quite fun, but doesn’t compare to the Jahre, which is far more impressive.

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You’d think, then, that the Lexus would be the more comfortable and cosseting car, as that’s what Lexus does best. But the M5 wins here again. The suspension is more sophisticated, and also adapted which the GS F’s isn’t, and the interior is far superior. The GS F’s interior isn’t bad, it’s just a bit too complicated, with an abundance of on-screen menus, buttons and switches along with a strange mouse-like controller for the infotainment system that Lexus insists on using.

So the Jahre M5 wins all all fronts. Well, except for price. The Lexus GS F starts at $84,440 while the Jahre M5 costed $138,275 when new, but it costs far more than that now to get one, as all are sold out. Hell, even a standard M5 starts life at $94,100. So both the BMW M5 and Jahre M5 are more expensive than the GS F, but it’s also a lot more car. A lot more car. The lion remains the king of the jungle, despite the younger hyena’s competition.

[Source: Top Gear]