We’ve all seen the commercials for Mercedes-Benz where Santa Claus comes home from a long day of gift-giving, only to settle down and relax by taking out his brand new Mars Red Mercedes-AMG GT S with a bunch of white Mercedes vehicles in front of him, resembling his sleigh and reindeer. It’s actually a good commercial, one that makes the viewer want a kick-ass AMG GT. Now obviously, this commercial is extremely unrealistic…Santa seems more like Bimmer man to me.

Santa is a holly jolly fella, a guy that likes to laugh and have some fun. That’s why he brings toys. And, to me at least, BMW is the more fun brand of the two, producing more fun-to-drive sports cars than the folks in Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz is more about luxury, not fun, so I feel like Santa would like a BMW to power his sleigh. Plus, his sleigh flies and BMW knows a thing or two about aviation.

And if Santa is going to get a BMW, he’d have to choose one that had the power and style that is necessary for all of that gift giving. The AMG GT is a fine car, it’s actually flipping fantastic, but there’s got to be a Bimmer that he’d rather choose. If I were to have to guess, I’d probably say that Saint Nick would drive a Sakhir Orange BMW M6 Coupe. In fact, I think the M6 Coupe is a far better choice for Santa than the AMG GT, due to its grand touring nature.


The BMW M6 is more of a luxury cruiser that has gobs and gobs of power, as well as the ability to much the occasional corner, and cross continents at rapid speed in supreme comfort. Isn’t that basically Santa’s job description anyway? The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is more of a sports car, with a much firmer suspension and loud exhaust. It’s not the kind of car that you want to travel through the world with on long journeys. A track day at Spa? Sure, the AMG GT would be excellent for that. But traveling the world and giving presents to all of the children, that’s a job for the BMW M6.

But that’s just a small part of his convoy. You’ve got to remember, Santa’s got eight reindeer in front of him, which Mercedes symbolizes with various white vehicles, such as CLA Classes, E Classes and GLE Glasses. So Santa would have to provide his furry friends with Bimmers as well, as Santa obviously has a great company car program. My guess is that he’d spread the love around with various cars, may two 7 Series for the front two reindeer, two 5 Series behind them, two 4 Series Gran Coupes  in the third two and two 3 Series taking up the rear (don’t get fresh, it’s Christmas time).


So there you have it, that’s the BMW lineup that Santa should be driving, instead of his Mercedes-Benz lineup. It just makes more sense. Sorry Mercedes, but we’re switching his stable up next year.