Well, it’s that time of the year when families get together, exchange gifts, drink a lot of extra strong eggnog and argue with each other until Uncle Ned passes. Or maybe that’s just some families. But I digress, it’s Christmas time for those who celebrate the tree-lit holiday. Next week, every celebrating household that is fortunate enough will be filled with adults opening gifts from loved ones and children opening gifts from jolly ole Saint Nick.

If you celebrate Christmas, then you probably remember, as a child, writing a letter to Santa Claus, asking for the hottest new toy on the market. I know I did. And then we’d patiently wait for Christmas morning to wake our parents up at unnatural hours just so we could sprint to the Christmas tree and rip the wrapping paper off of our newest gifts. Ahh, the good ole days.

But as an adult, Christmas feels less as less exciting, as the years go by. We don’t get as excited for the new toy as we used to, because we have adult desires and responsibilities. But if we were to ask Santa for something, it’d probably be a brand-new car, preferably a BMW if you frequent this site. So if you had the opportunity to write Santa a letter, assuming he’s real (I didn’t spoil that for anyone did I?), which BMW would you ask for?

You can ask for any BMW you’d like, because Santa’s elves are just as good as the engineers in Munich they just drink less Becks, and it will be yours. The cool thing about a freebie BMW like this is that it doesn’t have to be practical or actually all that usable. It’s just a gift, a side toy to play with, so it can be as silly and crazy as you want. It can also be as expensive as you want (Santa gets a lot of royalty checks this time of year, he can afford it), so don’t be afraid to go crazy.


If Santa could bring me any BMW, I’d actually have a really hard time choosing. There are just so many great ones to choose from. Do I go the normal route and choose the M4 or upcoming M2? Do I go extreme and ask for an M4 GTS because I already have a daily? Or do I go uber luxurious and take a flagship 750i?

It’s a tough decision, but I think I’d have to go with a BMW M235i. I know, it’s not the most expensive car BMW makes and it’s a wasted opportunity to put my butt in something uber expensive for free, but it’s just the BMW I want most. It’s the most playful Bimmer currently on the market and the one I’d be most excited about seeing with a big bow on it. It doesn’t have the prestige of the M4 or the jealousy-inducing price tag of a 7 Series, but it’s just so damn fun and lovable. I dream of owning an M235i, I don’t dream of owning a 7 Series.


So after the Christmas Eve parties are done and all of the eggnog has been had (do people really still drink that stuff, ugh) and you wake up Christmas morning with your eyes still sensitive to light because egg, cream and brandy are not a good mix, which BMW would you like to be delivered to your driveway by Santa Claus?