There are a few BMWs that get a ton of attention. Cars like the 3 Series and 7 Series get incredible amounts of attention and publicity, as they always have. There are a couple of newcomers as well, like the 2 Series and 4 Series that are quickly becoming BMW’s darlings and the favorites of the media and enthusiasts alike. But there are some BMWs that don’t get so much love and are actually subject to quite a bit of scrutiny.

Most of the Bavarian SUVs are typically considered to be very un-BMW like and therefore not very loved, the i3 gets some flak for breaking from the BMW norm and mention the 2 Series Tourers to any BMW enthusiast and you’ll watch them foam at the mouth a bit. So certain BMWs are subjects of aggravation to many BMW enthusiasts, but not all of them are deserving of it, maybe none of them. So which BMWs don’t deserve all of the hate and negativity?


One BMW that’s come under quite a bit of scrutiny lately is the BMW X4. Of all the SUVs that BMW makes, there’s a good enough business argument for all of them to keep the enthusiasts quiet. But the X4 makes many BMW fans unhappy, due to its aid in the dilution of the BMW brand. When BMW announced the BMW X4 M40i variant, enthusiasts were even more upset, for BMW putting its M badge on such a supposed heathen. But the X4 isn’t a bad car, it’s actually quite fun to drive, looks pretty good and has enough performance to where a BMW badge.


The 2 Series Tourers are cars that aren’t the typical BMW. Neither of them are particularly fast, handle very well or feel like real BMWs. Oh, and there’s also that pesky front-wheel drive business. But we all know why BMW makes them, we know there’s good reason for them and yet many of us still hate them. They are probably the most hated of all BMWs. The hate for these two is the most understandable, because they really break away from the BMW mold.


The BMW i3 is one of the Bimmers that definitely gets unjust negativity. It’s also one of the BMWs that gets hate from two different sides. There are a great many BMW enthusiasts who dislike the i3 because it isn’t an E30 M3 and they feel that real BMWs have I6 engines and manual gearboxes, not electric motors. There is also the group that feel that the BMW i3 isn’t a good enough electric car, by not having a far enough range or enough power. It’s one of BMW’s most controversial cars, but if there is and BMW that is probably the least deserving of flak, it’s the i3. The i3 is a technological marvel and something that should be appreciated for what it is, not what people wished it was.

So there are plenty of BMWs that are disliked by the majority of the BMW fanbase, but which is least deserving of them? Which BMW is the most under appreciated BMW currently on the market?