We recently saw a video review of the brand-new G11 BMW 730d, the car BMW intends to use in its attempt at dethroning the Mercedes-Benz S Class. The review was done by Car Buyer UK and was relatively helpful in letting us see the new 7er in motion. However, it didn’t really get into what the car was like to drive, instead it told us how many cubbies there were on the interior.

Well, if you wanted more info on what the 7 Series was actually like to drive, then XCAR has you covered. In their latest video review, they drive another 730d, as it seems to be the most popular model in Europe, but in this video we get some more actual driving.


The 730d in this video has the optional M Sport package, a fact given away by the cooler looking body work and wheels. This is the first thing that stands out in this video, how much better it looks with the M Sport package than without. With the M package, the new 7 Series looks better than the Mercedes-Benz S Class and Audi A8. You heard it here first. The Jaguar XJ is possibly better looking still, but this new BMW 7 Series is a contender for the best looking car in its class. It’s exciting looking, yet classy and subdued. It’s fantastic looking, especially in that gorgeous Carbon Black Metallic exterior color with the optional 20″ Double Spoke Bi-Color wheels.

The interior is also simply fantastic and luxurious and wonderfully modern. Oddly enough, the Gesture Control seems to be a bit slow to respond in practice, though still impressive. However, the back seat is filled with enough technology to apparently become a rolling Playstation.


But we already know how much tech and luxury is baked into BMW’s newest 7 Series. What we want to hear more of is how it is to drive. Making a car handle well and drive in a more sporting fashion isn’t all that difficult. Making a car luxurious and comfortable also isn’t very difficult. However, making a big luxurious car be both comfortable and supple while also being sporty and nimble is quite difficult. According to XCAR, BMW has done a masterful job of blending both worlds. The 7er seems to be nimble enough to go around corners with ease and actually be fun, but it never disturbs the other occupants. It manages to have almost no body roll or lean, yet other passengers will never be tossed around and made sick in the back seat. It’s a brilliantly calibrated vehicle.

But the biggest achievement of all is the Adaptive Driving mode. Almost every car on the market now has multiple driving modes, or at least a Sport mode, that changes certain aspects of the car to make it either more comfortable or more sporting. However, BMW’s new Adaptive Mode, keeps the car changing, depending on the current situation, and it guesses what you need next, whether that the suppleness of the suspension or the required gear. It uses the driving information and info from the navigation system to determine what lies ahead and adjusts the cars settings accordingly. It works brilliantly. According to XCAR, at least.

This is probably the best video review of the 7 Series yet, and it gives us a real look at just how amazing it is. The previous-gen 7 Series was good, but even when it first debuted it wasn’t as revolutionary as this one is today. This new car is a massive leap forward from the previous car. My personal favorite 7 Series of all time is the E38 and this car has whiffs of that. It’s not the simple and elegant mechanical masterpiece that the E38 was. But in terms of being the best blend of performance and comfort in its era, this G11 has the spirit of the E38 embedded in it.