The BMW 1M build by European Auto Source is getting new performance upgrades. The California-based tuning shop just installed a carbon fiber air intake on the 1M to ensure better performance and to offer a cool view under the hood.

Manufactured in Japan using 100% 1×1 weave carbon fiber, the Gruppe M intake is designed to capture the maximum amount of air while keeping temperatures down. The new airbox houses a large high-flow K&N air filter that further increase flow efficiency and captures contaminants. The engine bay looks now better than ever.

The BMW 1M is one of those cars that cost more used than when they were new. Considered by many a showpiece of BMW’s engineering and design excellence, it is destined to become a collectors item. The 1M is a perfect blend of performance and pure driving pleasure, all wrapped into a design that stands out on the road.

A Carbon Fiber Intake Added To A BMW 1M By European Auto Source 9 750x469


A Carbon Fiber Intake Added To A BMW 1M By European Auto Source 6 750x469

At launch time in 2011, the BMW 1M retailed for less than $50k ($46,135). Currently, there are no 1Ms for sale for less than $60,000. Actually, the average asking price based on twenty inquiries made is a staggering $61,670 with an average mileage of about 11,600 on the clock.

BMW 1M By European Auto Source

Please take a look at the media gallery, showcasing the installation of the carbon fiber intake.