A few days ago we revealed the Vorsteiner BMW F8x M3 and M4 spoiler. Today we have an opportunity to show you some detailed shots of the highly expected carbon fiber addition thanks to Precision Sport Industries. With Vorsteiner you get an aftermarket product that is produced with eye for innovation and style, carefully manufactured to meet the quality standards that BMW sports cars present themselves.

The company offers a reasonable alternative for individuals who desire more custom details for their cars and who care about the perfect fitment of these parts with their cars.

IMG 7535 750x750

With Vorsteiner, every part is made to fit perfectly on a car they are made for. This is done by modelling using a 3D scanner that goes through the entire section of the vehicle. This ensures exact accuracy and perfect fitment, all backed up by computational work and careful translation from design and engineering to actually building the parts themselves. When the prototypes are made, all the parts are tested in a wind tunnel, ensuring a minimum drag coefficient and maximum effective downforce.

Every piece is done with regards to the stock vehicle at hand, producing an aftermarket part that will enhance the visual aspect of the vehicle and yet seamlessly mesh with the existing bodywork.

IMG 7527 750x750

The front spoiler you can see here is made entirely out of carbon fiber ensuring a lightweight and rigid construction with one single product! Vorsteiner’s autoclaved pre-prag carbon fiber structure ensures just that. The future Vorsteiner F8x M3 and M4 aero program includes a front spoiler, rear diffuser, a trunk lip and a full trunk lid, all made out of carbon fiber.

The entire aero package from Vorsteiner can be ordered from PSI!

Vorsteiner BMW F8x M3 + M4 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler