The BMW E70 is the second generation of BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). It replaced the BMW X5 E53 in November 2006 ensuring that the second generation X5 will feature many new technological advancements, like the BMW’s iDrive system as standard equipment and, for the first time in a BMW, an optional third row seat raising passenger capacity to seven.

The E70 was also recently replaced by the BMW F15 which had its market launch scheduled in November 2013.

Even though the new model looks fresher, the second-generation pre-facelift BMW X5 is by no means an old car despite some clear visible signs indicating its age. This is the time when most owners like to freshen up their cars and bring some style mods into action. Besides the touch ups like painted deflectors, door guards and new front and rear bumpers, this X5 owner decided to go for a set of custom forged wheels.

BMWX5D2FORGEDMB1Wheels03 750x496

Made by D2FORGED Wheels from one block of forged aluminum, they pose a great addition to a Sports Activity Vehicle like this. Purchasing a set of monoblock wheels for an SUV has numerous advantages like better rigidity, more load rating for a large and heavy vehicle and assurance that regular wear and tear won’t affect the wheel setup from regular use in such an environment.

With a mesh styled wheel like this, the owner is certainly keeping the style and classiness intact here. Considering these are sized 22×9.5 and 22×11, they do work quite well with the husky appearance of the BMW X5 and provide a welcome update to the car’s exterior.

BMWX5D2FORGEDMB1Wheels07 750x496

BMW X5 With Custom D2FORGED MB1 Monoblock Wheels